The Volume 11 and Number 1&2 :2017

S.N Content and Author Name Option page No.
1 Long-term effect of prescription based nutrient application on forms of nitrogen in relation to soil chemical properties, yield and nutrients uptake in an acid alfisol of northwestern Himalayas
Shabnam, Sanjay K. Sharma, R. S. Rana and N. K. Sankhyan
001 - 006
2 Parametric and non-parametric time series trend analysis of temperature and rainfall in Srinagar Kashmir
Latief Ahmad, Sabah Parvaze, Saqib Parvaze and R. H. Kanth
007 - 011
3 Conservation prioritization and planning of forest land: a reciprocal approach by measuring forest disturbance using geospatial technology
F. Ahmad, L. Goparaju and R. Madugundu
013 - 019
4 Bioremediation of heavy metal nickel in soil using native strains of bacteria
V. Bhagyasree and R. Jayashree
021 - 026
5 Effect of operating pressure on water saving in drip irrigated potato
Mairaj Hussain and S. P. Gupta
027 - 030
6 Modelling wheat yield response to water under changing climate
S. A. Chaware, G. S. Rajput and A. K. Bajpai
031 - 036
7 Design and field experiments of precise seed metering mechanism with paddy seeds in Chhattisgarh
Manisha Sahu and Ajay Verma
037 - 043
8 EST linked markers in Solanum melongena responsive to abiotic stress using computational methods
Reena Rosy Thomas, M. K. Chandra Prakash, M. Krishna Reddy, Riaz Mahmood and Papiya Mondal
045 - 049
9 Effect of meteorology on the atmospheric concentrations of industryrelated pollutants in India
Priyanka Agarwal and Uma Melkania
051 - 060