The Volume 10 and Number 1 & 2 :2015

S.N Content and Author Name Option page No.
1 1. Antimicrobial activity of earthworm extract, Eudrilus eugeniae against fish bacterial pathogens
Bansal Nitish, R. K. Gupta and Shashank
001 - 006
2 2. A comparative assessment of water quality index of surface (river) water and ground water along the Budhi Gandak belt using correlation analysis at Khagaria (Bihar)
Diksha Sharma and Sunil Kumar Choudhary
3 3. Study on heavy metal status in soil under the impact zone of Raichur thermal power station (RTPS)
Anuradha Desai and K. Narayana Rao
013 - 017
4 4. Crop productivity response to rainfall variability in kharif season in arid western Rajasthan
H. M. Meena, P. Santra, P. C. Moharana and C. B. Pandey
019 - 023
5 5. Structural characterization and antimicrobial activity of compounds isolated from acetone extract of Piper longum fruits
S. Vijayalatha, Prema Gurumurthy, A. Sumathy and T. N. Gayatri
025 - 028
6 6. Effect of botanicals on fertility parameters of Myzus persicae (Sulzer)
Urvi Sharma, R. P. S. Chandel and P. L. Sharma
029 - 031
7 7. Fractionation and distribution of iron in the salt-affected soils of Muktsar district of Punjab
O. P. Sandhu, H. S. Jassal, Narender, S. S. Dhaliwal and L. K. Rolanita
033 - 039
8 8. Biomass production potential in different species of bamboo in central Uttar Pradesh
Prashant Kumar Pathak, Hemant Kumar, Gunjan Kumari and Halliru Bilyaminu
041 - 043
9 9. Removal of malachite green from aqueous solution using activated charcoal
Shankar Ram, Shis Ram, Jitendra Kumar Maurya, Ashok Choudhury and A. K. Ghosh
045 - 049
10 10. Effect of various sulphur levels on dry matter, yield and yield attributes of soybean [Glycine max (L.)] varieties
D. V. Parakhia, K. B. Parmar, L. C. Vekaria, P. B. Bunsa, S. J. Donga
051 - 054
11 11. Intracellular protein and isoenzyme variability of Xanthomonas campestris pv. Campestris
A. Roy Barman and S. Dutta
055 - 062
12 12. Effect of sea water irrigation and sowing time on seed yield and component of salicornia (S. brachiata Roxb.)
Bhoomika B. Patel, J. M. Patel and B. K. Patel
063 - 066
13 13. Effect of solvents on adsorption of anionic dye on alum doped polyaniline
Braja Narayan Patra
067 - 069
14 14. Impact of humic acid and salicylic acid on biochemical and physiological parameters of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) under salinity stress
Uttam Kumar, I. J. Gulati and Vanika Bhunwal
071 - 074
15 15. EMS and gamma rays induced mutation in greengram [Vigna radiata (L.) R. Wilczek]
Mori Vaishali K., Rajiv Kumar, Mori, Kiran K. and K. H. Ribadiya
075 - 080
16 16. Poly-β-hydroxy butyrate production in bacteria employing ecofriendly and renewable agribyproducts
Mukesh R. Jangra, Ikbal, Ritu Batra and Virendra K. Sikka
081 - 084
17 17. Application of bio-organics and chemical fertilizers influences physicochemical properties of loamy-sand soil under barley
Sita Kumawat, S. R. Sharma and S. R. Rundala
085 - 089
18 18. Avian diversity in a sacred natural forest site in
A. Pradhan, S. P. Mishra and N. Behera
091 - 095
19 19. Effect of nitrate and manganese application on manganese pools in soil and its uptake in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
Narender and R. S. Malik
097 - 103
20 20. Time series models for apple area and production in Himachal Pradesh
Ajit Sharma, V. K. Chaudhary and Shilpa
105 - 110
21 21. Influence of abiotic factor on leaf curl virus disease in different cotton cultivars under two growing environments
Ved Prakash, Ram Niwas, M. L. Khichar and M. K. Nayak
111 - 115
22 22. Study of biochemical changes in cotton genotypes at squaring stage under water stress conditions
Shilpa Bonde, C. N. Chandrasekhar and P. P. Pusadkar
117 - 120
23 23. Multivariate analysis for trait alliance of bread wheat yield under terminal heat stress conditions
Swarupa Nanda Mandal, Satyavir Singh dhanda, Renu Munjal and Chanchal Pramanik
121 - 127
24 24. Fractions of N (organic and inorganic) influecing by long term use of fertilizer and manures in a vertisol in wheat under rice-wheat cropping system
Suraj Kumar Rai, S. S. Senger, Dilip Kumar Solanki and Anupama Xalxo
129 - 134
25 25. Extraction and chemical coposition of flaxseed gum (Mucilage) from different flaxseed varieties
A. S. Mehtre, H. M Syed and R. S. Agrawal
135 - 137
26 26. Altitudinal variation in community structure of Kandi forest range in north western Himalayas of Kashmir
Hillal Ahmad, T. H. Masoodi, Subaya Shahnaz and P. A. Sofi
139 - 148
27 27. Application of CCME water quality index in evaluating the water quality status in limestone mining area of Meghalaya, India
R. Eugene Lamare and O. P. Singh
149 - 154
28 28. Effect of organic and inorganic fertilizer on growth and seed yield of okra [Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench]
Meenakshi Ramgiry and B. K. Verma
155 - 157
29 29. Estimation of day time variation in ambient noise level at different areas of Allahabad
Richa Sharma, S. B. Lal and A. K. A. Lawrence
159 - 163
30 30. Horizontal soil sulphur status and fertility map of north-eastern region of Haryana, India
Koustav Mondal
165 - 168
31 31. Assessment of noise pollution level at 5 commercial areas of Allahabad city, India
Kennedy Vaiphei, Abhishek James and H. B. Paliwal
169 - 171
32 32. Integrated effect of calcium salts and packaging on physico-chemical and enzymatic changes in stored plum fruits
Narinder Kaur, S. K. Jawandha and Harminder Singh
173 - 176
33 33. Integrated weed management studies and impact of pre emergent herbicides on soil micro organisms in tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa L.)
U. Jeevan, A. S. Padma Vathamma, G. Nayan Deepak and H. P. Bhagya
177 - 180
34 34. Dynamics of copper fractions in calcareous vertic ustochrepts under AICRP-LTFE soils
L. C. Vekaria, H. L. Sakaravadia, P. B. Bunsa, K. B. Parmar, D. V. Parmakhia and H. P. Ponkiya
181 - 184
35 35. Physico-chemical profile of drinking water of several villages of Jaipur district with special reference to dental fluorosis
Nisha Jain
181 - 184